Who is H.E.R?!

Born June 27, 1997, in California, Gabi Wilson first started performing at a very young age and made appears on shows such as Maury, Good Morning America, and The View. At 14, she signed with RCA records and hoped to put out new music. She released a few covers through YouTube, but the deal never produced any official music from her.

So since her label did nothing to promote or help her get music out, Gabi and her team decided to create H.E.R. In September 2016, her first EP titled H.E.R. Volume 1 was released under the moniker H.E.R, which stands for having everything revealed, without RCA’s involvement.

She was itching to put her music out for the world to hear, but the label wasn’t on board, so she did it herself. It was a chancy move but fortunately, everything worked out. The 7-track EP was released with positive reviews, and it peaked at number 12 on’s R&B Album Chart. Also, big names such as Alicia Keys, Justine Skye, and Wyclef Jean tweeted out in support of her music. She is still releasing new music under the name H.E.R and she is working on Vol. 2.

To learn more about H.E.R visit her website

To hear more music visit her SoundCloud


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