Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith born June 11, 1997, is a UK based singer. She grew up in a musical family as her dad was a member of the UK group 2nd Naicha. Her voice was formally trained while in secondary school and as a teenager Jorja and her friends formed the group OGHORSE. In 2016, Jorja released her first solo song title “Blue Lights” on SoundCloud.

A few months later, she released the song “Where Did I Go?” Rapper Drake caught wind of the song, and he chose “Where Did I Go” as his favorite song of the moment in an Entertainment Weekly publication. She released her first EP Project 11 in late 2016. After hearing her music Drake invited her out to his UK shows while he was on tour.

Also, in March 2017, Jorja was featured on two songs on Drake’s album More Life. She is featured on an interlude titled “Jorja’s Interlude” and “Get It Together.” In 2017, she was nominated for BBC’s ‘Sound of’. She came in 4th place, ultimately losing to one of my featured artists Ray BLK. I was first introduced to Jorja through “Where Did I Go” which was featured on a Spotify playlist that I stumbled across. And when Drake released his latest album, I recognized her name and discovered more of her music.

To learn more about Jorja Smith visit Genius

To hear more music visit her SoundCloud


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