Your words are powerful….

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These are some of my favorite songs from my featured artists, and I’ve had a pretty rough 2017 so far, so these lyrics represent some of my current thoughts and struggles.

Artist Favorite Songs Meaningful Lyrics
Noname Bye Bye Baby “You remind me to love myself for the principle. For the kid inside, til the end of time.”
Ravyn Lanae Blossom Dearie “I can feel the atmosphere unfolding. Tell me if your pretty hearts worth holding.”
H.E.R Facts “It’s unusual that someone like you thinks I’m beautiful.”
Syd Over “I’m drowning in doubt and frustration…can’t sleep cause I’m anxious”
Solange Weary “I tried to work it away, but that just made me even sadder”
Sza Child’s Play “Clarity is a state of mind. Freedom ain’t real, who’s sold you that lie?”
Ray Blk Chill Out “Cause everybody wants a portion…of the devil’s pie without caution.”
Jorja Smith Where Did I Go? “I guess we’re all just beautiful little girls…playing a game of being fooled.”
Ari Lennox  Night Drive “I said now baby we can disappear…liberation oh so cavalier.”

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