Your words are powerful….

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These are some of my favorite songs from my featured artists, and I’ve had a pretty rough 2017 so far, so these lyrics represent some of my current thoughts and struggles.

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Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox was born March 26, 1991, in Washington, D.C. She expressed interest in music at an early age, and after high school, she began uploading songs and covers on SoundCloud and YouTube in hopes that someone important in the music industry would stumble across her work. On October 22, 2013, she released her first EP called Ariography, for free.

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Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith born June 11, 1997, is a UK based singer. She grew up in a musical family as her dad was a member of the UK group 2nd Naicha. Her voice was formally trained while in secondary school and as a teenager Jorja and her friends formed the group OGHORSE. In 2016, Jorja released her first solo song title “Blue Lights” on SoundCloud.

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Rita Ekwere was born in Nigeria and relocated to Catford, London when she was a toddler. She began singing at an early age, and her sister used to tell her that she had an awful voice. This motivated Ray to keep going and pursuing music. As a teen, she created a group with her friend MNEK, who is a UK based singer and producer, but they never released the music for the world to hear.

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Solána Rowe was born on November 8, 1990. She grew up in New Jersey, and before 9/11 she wore a hijab, but because she was severely bullied she stopped wearing it. She began doing music just for fun, but after some time, she decided to pursue it. She created her stage name, SZA, from the Supreme Alphabet. The ‘Z’ and ‘A’ mean Zig-zag and Allah, and the ‘S’ means sovereign.

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Solange Knowles was born on June 24, 1986, in Houston, Texas. Coming from a musical family, as the younger sister of Beyoncé, she expressed interest in music at a very early age. She began recording music during her early teen years, and after many brief periods in the group Destiny’s Child, she ultimately chose the solo route. At 16, she signed to her father’s record label, and in 2002 she released her first album Solo Star.

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Sydney Bennett was born on April 23, 1992, in California. Her family encouraged her to explore her musical talents at a very early age, and at 14, she constructed a music studio in her house. While in her studio, she explored audio engineering and music production. Nowadays, she sings, writes, produces, DJs, and mixes audio. Originally, she performed under the name “Syd Tha Kyd,” which was made up by her brother, but as she grew older she dropped “Tha Kyd” and begin performing under the name “Syd.”

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